Company Information

          Under the well-known trademarks of "Flying Star" and "Kato", S.T.I. International Co., Ltd.   has been   involved in   both production  and  distribution  of  Agricultural  machinery, Construction machinery and other industrial machinery since 1959. S.T.I. has innovated high quality products with state-of-the-art technology for production as well as aftersale service in order to meet all of our customers'needs.
          S.T.I. has been accumulating the valuable experience in the manufacture of Agricultural machinery for over 50 years by setting up quality policy and services which are totally accepted by both national and international customers.
          With the very important vision of our management team,we have foreseen all of the agriculturists' needs and the marketing opportunities in ASEAN where rice has been the main product for many years. Thus,S.T.I has emphasized on manufacturing and improving the performances of power tillers (walking tractors) in order to be highly compatible for uses in many different soit conditions. As a result,the newly designed and developed power tillers are those of long handle, light weight control, easy operation, and covenient maintenance in the long life service
          Our factory is fully equipped with the complete set of machine necessary for production e.g. Electrical furnace, CNC machining fool, Aluminium injection machine, Engine power testing machine, as well as other standard testing machine. S.T.I. is also capable of designing and producing various types of molds for Aluminium injection, all metal castings and standardized products that meet customers'needs.
          S.T.I. is totally committed to improve the quality of our products. As a consequence, S.T.I. has been certified by many accreditation organizations such as Thailand Brand, Thai Government Standard for Export by the Ministry of Commerce; Thailand Quality by the Ministry of Science and Technology; and Thai Industrial Standard Institute. In addition, S.T.I has recently been cerified the quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015