Company Information

              Established in 1983 S.T.I. International Co., Ltd. Is a sole investment of Thai company. It is located at Wangnoi, Ayuthaya Province. Our history is one of the technical innovations, a leader in specialized pump and Agricultural machineries manufacturing.
              There are over 300 employees in our company. Currently we have produced more than two hundred thousand machineries per year. We supply for both domestic and international markets. Our main export markets are almost the countries in Asian regions and European countries. 
              S.T.I. has established its reputation as a first top brand in the industry by making every effort to study and develop high quality machineries for a variety of fields. S.T.I. has satisfied the customers requirement accurately and aggressively by developing higher quality and a broader range of products. S.T.I. is always utilizing the leading technology by offering the latest developments in Irrigation, Agriculture, Construction and Mechanics. As well as we have the after sales service with quick response.
             We are the first extruded water pump, Lawn mower and Power tiller manufacturer established in Thailand with a vision to make the broad-range of products for various target group extending from Centrifugal pump, Self priming pump for widely application and for Agricultural machinery including Power Tiller, Lawn mower, Rubber Rolling machine and the like. For Construction equipment extends from Concrete mixer, Plate compactor, Dumper and more. Furthermore, with the long history and experience our products including the diesel engines have been received the positive response from customers so the management team have a vision to expand the product line on Diesel engines assembly line by starting with the general application of engines which conforms the government policy and regulation. However, as well as we have our own foundry and die casting machine so we can satisfy customers need in right time.
              S.T.I. products are registered with Thai Industry Standard Institution and we are a member of Exporter list at Department of Export Promotion, Institute of Thai Autopart Industry and The Federation of Thai Industries.